Town of Freedom

Please Vote Absentee!

March 20, 2020

Please Vote Absentee!

As the village clerk for the Town of Freedom, please help protect my poll workers and staff that must be present on April 7th for the election. Voters across the State of Wisconsin are STRONGLY urged to vote absentee by mail. The easiest way to do this is to go to or send an email with your request and address. You must already be registered to vote for these options. An acceptable photo ID must be provided, selfies do not count. 😀

As the majority of poll workers are in the compromised age group, there is a shortage of workers. If you choose to vote on election day, there will be delays! Be prepared to wait outside the building until it is safe to enter. Social distancing will be observed and precautions taken. Be respectful of those who are working and do not expect to get thru the line quickly, without them, this wouldn’t be possible.

Please vote absentee by mail on April 7th and spread the word!!